30 percent of Internet content is Pornography. Protect your child!

Are you aware that Pornography makes up of almost a third of all the internet content?  That means your innocent child can easily come into content with this filth without even trying.

With one unknowing click your child can be exposed to disgusting videos of photos of adults having grotesque sex.  Men having anal and oral sex.  Women being degraded in ways that almost unimaginable.  Humans urinating on each other.  People shoving their fists up someone’s anus.

It’s unbelievable the level of degradation that these porn sites make available.  This kind of exposure to aberrant behavior can warp your child for a lifetime.

If you have not set parental controls on your computers, do so Immediately—before it’s too late.  Mothers4Decency asks you to share this information with your friends.  And, join us in wearing a WRAP—White Ribbon Against Pornography!

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