Advertising Is Trying To Control Your Children’s Minds! Stop It!

Children spend between 4.5 & 6 hours every day watching TV. This means that they are bombarded with advertisements daily.

According to research, an average child is exposed to over 40,000 commercials through TV every year. One study even says that in the United States, children are spending more time watching TV than they are in school, which means they are viewing even more advertisements.

Do your children demand the “latest” toy, the next electronic device? Where do you think they’re getting their ideas?: television advertising. Advertising often shapes a child’s understanding of “what’s important” and that understanding is affected by how money and the latest product is the answer to every problem.

Mothers4Decency are concerned that this is a bigger problem than most parents realize. Do you tell your child what’s important in life 40,000 times a year? Probably not. So, you’re leaving a lot what becomes their core beliefs up to advertisers that know how to brainwash a young mind.

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