Be Familiar With All The Ways The Internet Could Harm Your Child

Parents, this isn’t your Internet anymore.  What you

enjoyed in the 80’s has become a potential detriment to

your child’s well-being.


Some of these Internet traps you may be aware of—others

are so much more destructive now than when you were a



Cyber-bullying:  With very few exceptions, most teens

have experienced the attack by a classmate who tries to

feel better about themselves by attacking others.  Whether

through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your child is a

potential target of this harmful aggression.  Some kids don’t

won’t to admit they are being targeted.  So, ask!



Sexual predators

“Today, the internet opens the door for trusting young

people to interact with virtual strangers.”

Unless you have specifically forbidden your child to

communicate online with a stranger, it can happen. How?

Predators are skillful when it comes to preying on a child’s

Ego.  They start by complimenting your child on a FB

post or an Instagram photo.  When they get a response,

the door is open…and it can lead to disaster!


Pornography: Of course the Internet contained pornography

when you were a teenager—but now, up to 60% of all Internet

content is pornographic!  It can pop-up when your child is

Googling something innocent.  Or, their very curiosity will lead

Them to viewing disturbing sexual scenes.  You MUST talk to

them and warn them of the psychological damage that can




Gambling: Think it won’t happen to you?  These gambling

Sites are remiss in policing who joins them.  All it takes

Is a credit or debit card for your child to be exposed to the

perils of gambling.



Social networking

Kids convene on these sites to chat, IM, post pictures, and blog (journal). They appeal to teens because they provide instant community, instant celebrity, and encompass so many of the online tools and entertainment activities that teens know and love.

Teens use these pages as a place to feature everything in their heads and hearts that they want people to know about. The central feature of these sites is the ability to connect with people and share information.

Many teens post pictures, videos or notes online that they later regret.

Next week, MOTHERS4DECENCY will show you what you need to know and what you can do to counteract this every-growing problem!

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