Don’t Let Satan Capture Your Children’s Hearts & Minds!

Satan has many strategies, schemes, and devices to deceive
us. Our children are particularly susceptible. They are being
tempted daily. Ouija boards, tarot cards, channeling and
astrology are all tools Satan uses. Millions of people dabble
in the occult and seek answers from soothsayers and
mystics. The little old lady Psychic may have a shop right
on Main Street. These dark practices are deceptive, and most
who call themselves Christians can recognize blatant
Satanic influence. But Satan also has many other more
subtle schemes to capture your children’s hearts and minds.

As a parent, are you aware of how you contribute to your
children’s turning away from the Bible and pursuing Pagan

Many do not realize that Easter eggs are a pagan symbol
of fertility. Decorated trees, holly wreaths, and mistletoe
were pagan traditions. December 25 was celebrated as the
birth of Mithras, the sun god; it was not the date of Jesus’
birth. Should Christians observe Valentine’s Day? In 496 AD,
Pope Gelasius I established the Feast of St. Valentine on
February 14. Previously, since the days of ancient Rome,
young lovers had often observed the Lupercalia—the feast
of Lupercus, a fertility god—on February 15. Even in ancient
Greece, mid-February was associated with love and fertility;
the Greek month of Gamelion, ending in mid-February, was
associated with the marriage of the gods Zeus and Hera.

Perhaps you don’t see the potential problem in perpetuating
these Pagan holidays and practices? Mothers4Decency hope
you will turn back to the Bible as a family. Be on the lookout
for Satan’s schemes. They are everywhere: Music, TV, Movies,
the Internet and Social Media! Take your job seriously. Your
children’s hearts and minds are at stake!

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