Have You Checked Your Kid’s Internet History…?

It’s not a violation of your child’s privacy to ask

to check internet history.  It’s actually your

responsibility to make sure that they aren’t

being exposed to harmful websites filled with

pornographic and salacious images that will

rob your child of innocence!


Even YouTube is contains hundreds of videos

your children should NOT be watching.  Those

videos that purport to be “funny” are actually

videos of people being hurt or worse.  Violence

is violence and it’s not something that your

your children should be exposed to.  Your

teenagers are much more accomplished at

hiding their viewing history.  Even so, you

should appear unannounced and demand to

see their internet history. If they ask why, you

probably are going to find websites that will

shock you!


In addition to pornography and violence, the

internet is filled with music that you would

never allow your child to purchase.  Rap,

Hip Hop and HEAVY METAL songs contain

harmful messages.  Metal in particular is

awash with Satanic messages. Have you ever

checked what songs are in your children’s

iTunes account?  If not—why not!


Mothers4Decency was formed to help

Parents protect their children from harmful

Influences.  Please join us in our just cause.

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