Here Are Some Things You Need To Know to Protect Your Child From the Evils of the Internet

Ever enter your child’s room and see them quickly delete what they’re watching on the laptop or phone? Should you be concerned?  YES!


What do you need to know?

Today there are a lot of pressures parents are under in teaching children about the rights and wrongs of society compared to several years past. Their social networks consisted of their classmates, family and neighbors. Parents usually knew who they were or had some interaction with them at some point.


Can technology help?

YES! Technology can play a key role in protecting your children from the dangers they face today or help you as a parent understand what they are doing online. Parents can customize restriction settings depending on their child ’s age. Instant text alerts and emails are sent to the parents and triggered when the child enters in any “red-flagged” keywords, visits undesired web or social sites or uses their webcam. As soon as you finish this article, do not hesitate to customize your child’s Internet settings!

Mothers4Decency implore you to talk with your children

and take an active role in knowing what they are doing when they are using their electronic devices.


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