Parents Beware: Music lyrics often promote Promiscuity (& other Negative Influences)

Teenage pregnancy. Socially-transmitted diseases. You
can bet that music lyrics don’t warn of these very real
problems when they focus of sexual promiscuity and
how “cool” it is! Adolescents who listen to degrading
sexual lyrics are more likely to engage in riskier
sexualized behavior. It’s up to you to monitor what
your child is listening to; remove their earbuds and

Also, many songs have been linked to teenage
suicide. When song lyrics focus on death and
suicide, the American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry warns that it can make
suicide seem like a good solution to problems.
If you have no idea what your child is listening
to, how would you know? It’s your parental
duty to monitor what your music your child if
listening to!

Mothers4Decency has provided blogs about
the violence that is glorified in rap and some
hip-hop. Read them and make sure your
child is not being bombarded with this very
negative influence.

Some music can be a positive influence in a
child’s life. However, SATAN uses what can
be positive to trap the unaware. Make sure
this isn’t you!

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