Parents Beware: New Wave of Satanic Music On The Horizon!

The 90’s spawned numerous anti-Christian bands.  In the

first decade of this century, that threat has somewhat

faded.  BUT, beware:  it’s coming again!

Will it be obvious.  Somewhat.  However, realize that

Satanic influence is and always has been through sexual

Innuendo or outright sexual perversion.  It’s rumored

that new “artists” are preparing to inundate your children

with music that, on the surface, may seem harmless.  But

the videos that accompanying this music are pure EVIL.

Today’s children are easily bored.  They may not catch

the subtlety of yesterday’s attempts to corrupt them.

So, it will take outright obvious attempts to draw your

child to the dark side.

If you don’t take this warning seriously, be prepared to

suffer the consequences.  If you agree, please share

Mothers4Decency posts with your friends.

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