Pre-marital Sex Won’t Kill You But It Will Destroy The Magic

There was a time when Christian groups taught that you could

die from having pre-marital sex.  And, in the early 80’s, when

the AIDS virus was rampant, you could. Although there are still

risks involved, the problem with pre-marital sex is that it

removes what makes a relationship fascinating and special;

the magic.


As my mother used to say, “Men won’t buy the cow if they can

get the milk for free.”  No one wants to think of themselves as

property but one thing each of us has is our private sexuality.

Some boys are still bothered if they find out the girl of their

dreams has slept around.  In my day, they called it “spoiled.”


So, parents…teach your children it’s okay to wait.  In fact, it’s

Preferred.  Not only will your child remove the threat of “death”

and disease, but also the guilt from having given their bodies

away.  Keeping ones’ virginity may seem like an old-fashioned

idea but it’s an idea that needs to become prominent in today’s

promiscuous society.

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